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'The 218 Podcast' is now available as an audio only version on all of your favourite platforms. Following the success of our ‘videocasts’, we’ve decided to make our interviews more accessible for those on the move. Even though we enjoy our videos, as it contains additional video clips and images to go with the visual interview, and therefore is more engaging we understand it maybe difficult to sit down and watch ta ‘videocast’ in full. With so many interesting contributors, we don’t want you to miss out on what they have to say, so we’ve done our best to ensure we provide a version of the interviews that suit everyone.

We’ve converted some of our original podcast to the new audio version and every new podcast will also be available as audio only. For example, Brad Mooar, Mason Ryan WWE aka Barri Griffiths and James Hook just to name a few. Please give us a subscribe and follow on your chosen platforms. We really appreciate your support and it makes our effort worthwhile. It will give you the sporting fix you need between now and when our matchday hospitality and evening events and dinner resume. Dedicated to ‘Giving You The Best Seat In The House’ . The 218 Podcast Video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKVIMytSfeC1vTpED_98jUQ?view_as=subscriber Audiio https://www.218events.co.uk/podcast-1 O’r if you’d rathe used your preferred app, please give ‘The 218 Podcast’ a search or use one of the links below. Anchor https://anchor.fm/218events Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/7ARxVXWy6i35Ig2lMyM3ws Apple On its’ way!!!

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